Gas Awareness: Natural Gas

Natural Gas (Methane) is a combustible, gaseous mixture of simple hydrocarbon compounds and is one of the cleanest fuels producing primarily carbon dioxide, water vapour and small amounts of nitrogen oxides. It is used extensively in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The Gas Utilities have added a chemical to Natural Gas (Methane) giving it a distinctive odour, but it is still tasteless and invisible. If a leak develops and you are asleep, there is no guarantee that the smell of the gas will awaken you. Like Carbon Monoxide Gas, Natural Gas (Methane) tends to put you into a deeper sleep.

When the concentration of Natural Gas (Methane) is high enough, any spark will cause the gas to explode. Many cases of serious injuries and damage have been reportedly caused by Natural Gas (Methane) leak explosions.

Sources of Natural Gas (Methane) At Home:

Potential sources are space heaters, gas fireplaces, gas furnaces, gas water heaters, gas ranges, Natural Gas (Methane) converted automobiles, etc.

Guard Against Natural Gas (Methane):

It is recommended to install a Natural Gas (Methane) Detector that is tested and listed to UL 1484 standard for Gas (Methane) Detector.

For total safety, it is recommended that a detector be placed in close proximity to any appliance utilizing Natural Gas (Methane). At the very least, a detector should be placed on each level of a home.

S-TECH Natural Gas (Methane) detectors are calibrated to alarm at 10 ~ 20% of the Lowest Explosive Level (LEL) which is well below the danger point. The alarm will sound instantly as soon as the 10% ~ 20% LEL is reached and will warn the occupants of the presence of this explosive gas.

Installation of Natural Gas (Methane) Detector:

Unlike Carbon Monoxide Gas, Natural Gas (Methane) is lighter than air (1:0.56) at normal room temperature and the greatest concentration tends to cloud immediately under the ceiling. The Natural Gas (Methane) detector should be installed no closer than 6" from the ceiling and away from "dead air space" in corners.



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