Gas Awareness: Propane

Propane Gas is a Hydrocarbon with a molecular weight of 44.09 and a boiling point -42.1 �C (-43.8 �F) at atmospheric pressure. Like ethane and methane, propane is a member of the Alkane series of hydrocarbons. It is an important fuel gas and chemical feedstock and is a major constituent of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. The net calorific value in propane is about 12,000 cal/g (21,600 Btu/LB). When used as a fuel, 23.8 cu.m. of air are required for the combustion of 1 cu.m. of Propane Gas, with the products of combustion being carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. The ignition temperature is 466 �C, and the flame temperature is 1,970 �C.

Propane Gas in its natural state is colorless, odorless and extremely flammable. Like Natural Gas (Methane), gas utilities have added a chemical to give it a distinctive odour but it is still tasteless and colorless.

Propane Gas is heavier than air and accordingly will sink and accumulate near the floor of any room. When the concentration of the gas is high enough, any spark can cause the gas to explode causing serious injury, death and of course major damage to any building.

Sources of Propane Gas At Home:

Potential sources of Propane Gas are space heaters, gas fireplaces, gas furnaces, gas water heaters, barbecues, propane gas converted automobiles and gas ranges, etc.

Guard Against Combustible Propane Gas:

To guard against explosive propane gas, we recommend that a detector be located near every place that propane gas operated appliances are installed. For extra protection, place at least one unit on every floor of the home.

S-TECH Propane Gas Detectors provide an early warning of the presence of this explosive gas. It is factory calibrated to sound an alarm at 10-25% of L.E.L. (Lowest Explosive Level) which is 2.1% in volume for propane.

Installation of Propane Gas Detector:

Propane gas is heavier than air, accordingly it will sink and accumulate near the floor of any room. Place the propane gas detector on the wall 2 feet from the floor, and at least 2 feet from any corner.


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